SVELTY Quality Diet Super Black Ginger 150 tablet Value Pack

SIZE: 150 tablets

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SIZE: 150 tablets


About the product:

- This supplement enhances body fat metabolism when you walk to the office or with general daily movement. Based on black ginger, which has great lipolytic and fat burning abilities.

- This supplement contains powerful 5 black foods and 5 other ingredients that help the fat burning process, yet are rarely included in your regular diet.

- Contains black pepper, black garlic, black onion, and black vinegar. Also contains kidachi aloe, candle bush, and senna alexandrina stem for detox.

- For women who would like an effective way to stay in shape.


How to use:

- Take 5-6 tablets in a day with water or lukewater.

- The Svelty Black Ginger supplement contains 150 tablets to last for about a month.


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