YAMAN Max For Eye Professional M21

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About the product:

- Series Maximum Power RF The RF output has been upgraded from 1MHz with the PhotoPlus series to 3MHz!

- Exclusive electrodes for eye care x rotary head Equipped with special electrode for eye care and rotary head, it has a structure that makes eye care easier.

- Ion derivation, ion introduction and simultaneous output of EMS are possible.

- CLEAN mode: RF + ion derivation + RF EMS + vibration

- EYE mode: RF + micro- current + vibration

- MOIST mode: RF + ion implantation + RF EMS + LED (Red + Orange) + vibration

- COOL mode: COOL + LED (blue)

- 30% increase in output of blue LED (In comparison with the conventional HRF -11 B) Approaches firmly to pores and moisture.


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